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Canada’s Most “Superb” Stamp

Saskatoon Stamp Centre

(This article was published on the Saskatoon Stamp Centre website in January 1999)

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then ...? Here is Canada’s Most Superb Stamp, according to the Canada Post Office! If the government says it is superb, then it must be!

The 14¢ Ram Tank was issued as part of the King George VI War Issue on 17 April 1943. It was replaced by the 14¢ Hydroelectric Plant stamp, part of the Peace Issue, on 16 September 1946.

It is the cancellation, applied by the Canada Post Office, that makes this stamp the most superb stamp in Canada! The cancellation is dated JAN 6, 1944.

According to People Places, The Dictionary of Saskatchewan Place Names, a book by Bill Barry (Sep 1998), Superb, SK, had a post office from 1914 to 1972. It was formerly named Howiedale (post office from 1 November 1909 to 1 September 1914).

Using the standard prairie notation, Superb, SK, was located at the North East quarter of Section 35, Township 33, Range 25, West of the 3rd Meridian, which puts it just east of Major, SK. It was a former CP (Canadian Pacific Railway) siding.

We think you’ll agree that no other Canadian stamp is as “superb” as this one. Or perhaps we should say, be on the lookout for other Canadian “superb” stamps!

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