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Post Offices of Pre-Confederation Newfoundland
January 2020 edition

Author: Carl Munden
Formatting and editing: Malcolm Back and John M. Walsh

Cover of the book Post Offices of Pre-Confederation Newfoundland

Extract from the Foreword

The purpose of this book is to trace the history of the Newfoundland Post Office. The listing for each post office includes a general outline of the particular office in regards to location by bay and map reference, population, opening and closing, postmasters and general information, and illustrations of the various markings used. Various references will appear in the appendices regarding movement of the mail by the coastal boats and distribution by rail.

This entire undertaking is devoted to the post offices of towns and outports only. There will be NO St. John’s markings. A very brief outline of the Labrador offices is included.

There may be strikes, mostly split ring, with Canadian stamps showing Post-Confederation dates. These will be used to illustrate unknown (to me) non proof postmarks.

Comments, corrections, updates and new information are welcome. Send them by email to Malcolm Back at

Download PDF files

The PDF file for the entire book is 65 MB. You can download the book as a single PDF file or in three files, each about 1/3 the size.

Adam's Cove split circle postmark Great Codroy split circle postmark Rancontre East postmark

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