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Newfie 1897 Provisional Surcharge on Cover

Norris (Bob) Dyer

Cover with 1897 one cent provisional surcharge

There were three distinct fonts used for Newfoundland's 1897 provisional surcharges. The rarest is sans serif (fewer than 1,600 printed) and an example is seen on this cover of November 9, 1897, in the middle of the provisional period. With the accompanying 4¢ Cabot stamp from the 1897 Cabot set, it made up the 5¢ letter rate to the U.S. This is the only cover I've ever seen with the surcharge helping to achieve this rate.

This cover is in an exhibit that was published by BNAPS in the book, Postal Shortages and Surcharged Issues of Newfoundland [1]. Part of the BNAPS Exhibit Series, this book also includes supplementary research on the overprints.


  1. Norris R. Dyer, Postal Shortages and Surcharged Issues of Newfoundland, 2nd edition, BNAPS Exhibit Series #19, British North America Philatelic Society, 2003.

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