BNAPS OTB Inductees
Order of the Beaver Medal

Order of the Beaver Medal

The Order of the Beaver (OTB), the Fellowship of the British North America Philatelic Society (BNAPS), was established in 1968. Inductees are BNAPS members who have:

  • Provided distinguished service to BNAPS
  • Contributed to organized philately in general
  • Shared and advanced philatelic knowledge through exhibiting and/or writing
  • Attended and participated regularly at the annual BNAPEX conventions

The medal shown at left is awarded to members when they are inducted into the Order of the Beaver.

Profiles of Fellows inducted from 2003 onwards, and photos of Fellows inducted before 2003 appear below. No BNAPS members were inducted in 1970, 1975, 1988, 2005, 2006, 2013, 2014, 2020, and 2021.

Most of the photos were taken at BNAPEX conventions. There were photo shoots of individual Fellows at BNAPEX 2005 Edmonton and BNAPEX 2008 Halifax.

Photo credits: Robert K. Lane, Charles Livermore, Adri Veenstra, Jean Walton.

OTB Fellows and the year they were inducted (alphabetical order)

George Arfken - 1996
John D. Arn - 2003
John C. (Jack) Arnell - 1995
David W. Bartlet - 2017
Leopold Beaudet - 2017
Lee Brandom - 1981
John Burnett - 2001
Robert V. C. Carr - 1986
Alfred Cook - 1974
Earle L. Covert - 1990
Leslie Davenport - 1972
Charles de Volpi - 1976
Guy des Rivières - 1980
George B. Dresser - 2012
Norris (Bob) Dyer - 2008
Kenneth Ellison - 1995
Andy Ellwood - 2015
Charles Firby - 1997
J. A. (Jack) Forbes - 2022
Eldon Godfrey - 2017
John (Jack) Gordon - 2010
Vincent G. Greene - 1969
James Hansen - 2004
Edmund Harris - 1987
Horace Harrison - 1991
Peter Jacobi - 2007
John Jamieson - 2012
Jerome Jarnick - 1998
Fred Jarrett - 1968
Jonathan Johnson - 1999
Arthur Klass - 2000
James Kraemer - 1978
Leo LaFrance - 1979
Robert K. Lane - 2007
Robert A. Lee - 1997
Arthur Leggett - 1985
James Lehr - 1982
Robert Lemire - 1999
Kenneth W. Lemke - 2018
Jack Levine - 1968
Douglas Lingard - 2004
P. Charles Livermore - 2002
George B. Llewellyn - 1973
Lewis M. Ludlow - 1983
Harry W. Lussey - 1973
Harry Machum - 2010
Ronald E. Majors - 2019
Peter McCarthy - 2009
C.R. (Ron) McGuire - 2011
Jean-Claude Michaud - 2016
Hank Narbonne - 2003
Sam Nickle - 1986
Larry Paige - 1991
William S. Pawluk - 2005
Clinton Phillips - 2001
James Pike - 1977
Robert Pratt - 1979
Edward A. Richardson - 1968
William G. Robinson - 1987
Wilmer C. Rockett - 1972
James N. Sissons - 1971
John Siverts - 1984
Brian T. Stalker - 2015
Gary W. Steele - 2018
Allan L. Steinhart - 1982
Clarence Stillions - 1989
H. Michael Street - 1992
E. R. (Ritch) Toop - 1993
Jack Wallace - 2000
William (Bill) Walton - 1994
Gerald E. Wellburn - 1969
Clarence Westhaver - 1968
Edward J. Whiting - 1976
Victor L. Willson - 1999
J. Don Wilson - 1997
Robert J. Woolley - 1972
2022 - J. A. (Jack) Forbes
J. A. (Jack) Forbes

J. A. (Jack) Forbes

J. A. (Jack) Forbes joined BNAPS in March 1975. He founded the Atlantic Provinces Regional Group in 2006 and chairs it today. He was Vice President Regional Groups from 2008 to 2014, Chairman of BNAPEX 2008 Halifax, and Chairman of a Regional NOVAPEX show.

Jack was elected Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada in 2014. He is a member of the Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada (PSSC), and an honourary life member of the Nova Scotia Stamp Club (NSSC).

Jack is an accomplished exhibitor, having exhibited at five BNAPEXes and numerous National and International exhibitions. His exhibit Colours, Shades and Perforations as seen on Blocks of Canada’s Small Queens Era won the Allan Steinhart Reserve Grand Award and the Novice Award at BNAPEX 2008 Halifax. This was his first exhibit at a BNAPS convention. The exhibit also received the Grand Award at NOVAPEX 2010, and was entered in the Champion of Champions APS show in Columbus, Ohio, in 2011. In 2012, BNAPS published the exhibit as a book in its Exhibit Series. Jack also won the Herb McNaught Award for best single frame exhibit at BNAPEX 2009 Kingston for Shades of Canada's Eight-Cent Small Queen. At CAPEX 22, he displayed two single frame exhibits.

Jack produces and sells the well regarded Richard M. Morris Colour Guides for Small Queens and Admiral stamps. He has published in BNA Topics, and has done extensive work in Cyprus philately. He has contributed often to Nova Scotia Post, the bulletin of the NSSC, and Confederation, the newsletter of the Large and Small Queens Study Group. He has given three presentations to the PSSC, one of which was the Shades of Canada’s 8 Cents Small Queens. He has helped many Small Queens specialists with information and scans of his material.

2019 - Ronald E. Majors
Ron Majors and Bill Walton

Ron Majors, OTB Chair Bill Walton

Ron Majors joined BNAPS in February 1985. Nearly 25 years later, approaching retirement, he became very active in the Society. He served as a Board member from 2010 to 2012, and was First Vice-President 2012-2013 until he resigned to become Co-Editor of BNA Topics. He was Co-Editor until 2018, and was elected First Vice-President for the 2019-2020 term. He also served on the Finance Committee.

Ron is a longtime member of the American Philatelic Society, PSSC, PHSC, Brandywine Valley Stamp Club, Greater Philadelphia Stamp Club. He has worked on, and exhibited at, the DELPEX Stamp Show and various APS and East Coast stamp shows over the years.

He has written seven articles for BNA Topics, as well as thirteen additional editorials and reports. He scanned and obtained permission to print Arthur Leggett’s Decimal Stamps of Canada exhibit as a BNAPS Exhibit Series book.

Ron has been very involved at BNAPEX conventions, chairing Pence-Cents Study Group meetings from 2011-2013 and 2015-2019 and giving the presentation at the Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada’s seminar at BNAPEX 2019. In addition, he exhibited at BNAPEX 2011 (Gold and OTB Novice Award); 2012 (Gold); 2013 (Gold and Allan Steinhart Reserve Grand Award); 2014 (Gold); 2017 – (Gold, Horace Harrison Grand Award, and APS Medal of Excellence for Pre-1900 Material); 2018 (Vermeil); and 2019 (Gold). He received the Reserve Grand Award for his Canadian decimal rate and route exhibit at the APS StampShow in 2017.

2018 - Kenneth W. (Ken) Lemke, Gary W. Steele
Gary Steele and Ken Lemke

Gary Steele, Ken Lemke

Ken Lemke is another prominent BNAPSer who drifted away from the hobby for a number of years with other demands of life. He rejoined the Society in 2006, since then becoming a major contributor in both research and service.

He served as a Director from 2012 to 2016, as First Vice-President under Eldon Godfrey to 2018. He was appointed BNA Topics Circulation Manager in 2014, and continues in that position today. He is active in the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group, and is a member of the Hamilton Stamp Club and the Burlington Stamp Club, as well as the PHSC, CPS of GB, RPSC, APS, and AAPE.

Ken’s primary collecting focus is King George VI. He was editor of the King George VI Study Group newsletter, King George VI Post & Mail, from 2009 to 2014, and resumed editorship in 2016. His additional interests have been the Grand Trunk Railway view cards, which he has exhibited at BNAPEX 2016 Fredericton and other shows, and a continuing major interest in Lady Boat covers

Ken has served on the Jury at BNAPEX 2012 Calgary and BNAPEX 2014 Baltimore.

Gary Steele joined BNAPS in March 1983, and has made many important contributions to the Society. In addition to serving two terms as a member of the Board of Directors, he was also a member of the BNAPS Finance Committee. He was Exhibits Chairman for the 2008, 2013 and 2016 BNAPEX conventions. He has attended almost all BNAPEXes since 2001 and has been a Seminar leader at most of them.

Very active in study groups, Gary was Editor of 14 issues of the Dead Letter Office Study Group Newsletter, is currently Chairman of the George VI Study Group and became Secretary of the Precancel Study Group in 2016. Close to home, he has been Coordinator of the BNAPS Atlantic Provinces Regional Group since 2007 and has assisted with NOVAPEX exhibitions since 2004.

Gary has written a total of 26 articles in BNA Topics, Maple Leaves and the PHSC Journal, many articles in the Dead Letter Office Study Group newsletter, and has provided two exhibits to the Online Resources and Exhibits (ORE) area of the BNAPS website.

Gary has also been very active as a BNAPEX exhibitor, showing material at BNAPEX 1989, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008 (Grand Award), 2010, 2011, 2012 (Grand Award), 2015, 2016 and 2018, and was a BNAPEX judge in 2009, 2014, and 2017. Two of his exhibits, Dead Letter Office Handstamps 1874-1954 and 1937 - 1938 Definitive Issue, have been published in the BNAPS Exhibit Book Series.

2017 - David W. (Dave) Bartlet, Leopold Beaudet, Eldon Godfrey
Mike Street, Eldon Godfrey, David Bartlet, Bill Walton

OTB Vice-Chair Mike Street, Eldon Godfrey, Dave Bartlet, OTB Chair Bill Walton

Leopold Beaudet

Leopold Beaudet

Dave Bartlet assumed the position of Vice-President Regional Groups in 2015, and continues in that position today. He has visited several groups in this capacity, and writes a Regional Group column in BNA Topics. He was President of the BNAPS Calgary Regional Group from 2009 to 2013. He was Assistant BNAPS Webmaster from 2010 to 2012, took over as Webmaster from 2012 to 2014, and serves again as Assistant Webmaster to Leo Beaudet.

Dave served on the BNAPEX 2012 Calgary organizing committee, and is in charge of virtual exhibits for BNAPEX 2021 Virtual. He was responsible for the production of personalized stamps and covers for BNAPEX 2012 Calgary, and has helped other BNAPEX organizing committees raise funds by producing the overprint stamps sold at BNAPEX 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2017. Dave has also supported BNAPS by promoting our organization at stamp shows such as the 2016 New York International, where he helped staff the BNAPS/PHSC/Royal booth, and also put together and displayed a one-frame BNAPS exhibit using selected pages from the Calgary BNAPS Regional Group’s two-frame exhibit on the same subject.

Dave’s BNA collecting interests are broad, as he has shown through a number of BNAPEX exhibits since 2011, including Gold medals for Fundraising for WWI through the Post Office (1 frame, 2011) and New Brunswick Tobacco Stamps (1 frame, 2012), with online links to his various exhibits, and a 2014 BNA Topics article on WWI War Savings stamps.

He has also been very active in the Scouts on Stamps Society International (SOSSI) and has been a Director of that organization since 2014.

Leopold Beaudet has made a significant contribution to BNAPS and BNA philately since joining the Society in January 1974. He served as a member of the Board of Directors from 2008 to 2012. As Online Resources and Exhibits (ORE) Committee Chairman since 2010 and Webmaster/Database Administrator of BNAPS since 2014, he has overseen and implemented major changes and improvements to the BNAPS website. He has attended virtually all BNAPS conventions since 2001.

Leo has written or co-authored nine articles in BNA Topics, and has been a regular contributor to the Elizabethan II Study Group. Since 2001 he has been Editor of the Admiral Study Group newsletter, The Admiral's Log, for which he won the 2009 John S. Siverts Award. With Ken Sargent, Leo co-authored "The Goebel Press Era of Canadian Stamps", and placed it in the ORE area of the website. He wrote a comprehensive, 53-page, article on "Centennial Stamp Production", with previously unpublished data based on extensive and original research at Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa, which was included in Robin Harris’s book, Centennial Definitives, 1967-1973.

Between 1980 and 1986, Leo wrote a series of sixteen articles on “Canadian Stamp Varieties” for The Canadian Philatelist, the journal of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC), and was awarded the RPSC’s Geldert medal for 1982. He was made a Fellow of the RPSC in 2016.

From July-Sept 2008 through to Jan-Mar 2013, Leo was co-editor of the Bulletin d’histoire postale et de marcophilie of the Société d’histoire postale du Québec (SHPQ). He has also written two articles for the Postal History Society of Canada’s PHSC Journal and three for the Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain’s Maple Leaves.

Eldon Godfrey was a member of the Organizing Committee for BNAPEX 1966 Calgary, and then began a long hiatus from philately which saw him serve as a diving official and referee at a wide variety of international aquatic sports competitions, including five Olympic Games, six Pan American Games, and a host of other major events. In 2007, he was inducted into the Builders category of the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame. He returned to BNA philately in 2008 and quickly became active in BNAPS and the Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain (CPS of GB).

Eldon served as a BNAPS Board member from 2012 to 2014, as First Vice-President from 2014 to 2016, and as President in 2016. He was a committee member for both BNAPEX 2012 Calgary and BNAPEX 2017 Calgary. He has been active in the BNAPS Calgary Regional Group since his return to philately, and hosts an annual Christmas dinner for the Group.

Eldon has authored numerous articles in BNA Topics, in the CPS of GB journal, Maple Leaves, and in the King George VI Study Group’s newsletter, King George VI Post and Mail. His exhibit Foreign Exchange Control in Canada. The Role of Canada Post 1939-1951 at BNAPEX 2015 Niagara Falls won a Gold and the Order of the Beaver Novice Award. The Foreign Exchange Control Board exhibit was released as a BNAPS Exhibit Series book in 2018.

2016 - Jean-Claude Michaud
Bill Walton and Claude Michaud

OTB Chair Bill Walton, Claude Michaud

Jean-Claude Michaud was concluding a term as a member of the BNAPS Board of Directors when Bob Lee stepped down as Treasurer of the Society in 2010. Claude agreed to assume that role. He continues to serve as Treasurer today, over six years later. In that position, he has initiated both online PayPal annual dues payment and online payment with new membership applications.

Claude has served as a BNAPEX judge in 2004 and 2015. As with other knowledgeable dealers who have served as judges, this represents a significant sacrifice - being a dealer in BNA postal history, he invariably has to take time away from his table at the BNAPEX bourse - but Claude has always responded to the request to serve. He has always answered collector questions, and provided guidance in the formation of collections and exhibits.

Claude has provided outstanding service to BNAPS for many years in his dual roles as a member of the Executive and in retail philately. BNAPEX attendees are all familiar with his table at our conventions, as well as at other shows, and with the fine selection of material he makes available.

2015 - Andrew (Andy) Ellwood, Brian T. Stalker
Andy Ellwood with Earle Covert, C.A. Stillions, Bill Walton

Inductee Andy Ellwood, OTB Fellows Earle Covert and C.A. Stillions, OTB Chair Bill Walton

In 1996, when Elsie Drury was unable to continue managing the BNAPS Sales Circuits, Andy Ellwood volunteered to take on the responsibility. Since that time, he has brought circuit procedures into the 21st century, making all materials received available on the BNAPS website, and continues to look after the operation. Andy served on the BNAPS Board of Directors from 2006 to 2014, and was elected as Secretary in 2014. At the request of the President and the Chairman of the Board, he and John Burnett prepared a proposed Long-Range Plan for the future of BNAPS.

Andy was a key member of the BNAPEX 2001 Ottawa Organizing Committee. He was Chairman of the BNAPS Admiral Study Group from late 1998 through 2004, and founder and Chairman of the BNAPS Precancel Study Group (1999-2002). He is again serving as Chairman of the Group.

Andy was President of the Canadian Forces Philatelic Society for four years in the 1990s. He was very active in Ottawa’s RA Stamp Club in the late 1970s and early 1980s and prepared the business case that convinced the RA Association to fund the purchase of the 100 frames (200 sides) that were used at BNAPEX 1981 and 2001 in Ottawa, at BNAPEX 1989 in Hamilton, and at ORAPEX every year since 1981. He is known locally for helping collectors identify problematic Canadian and British Commonwealth stamps, Canadian precancels, Admiral varieties, etc.

Brian Stalker receives OTB medal from Mike Street

Brian Stalker, OTB Vice-Chair Mike Street

Brian Stalker is a Fellow of the Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain (CPS of GB), and has served that Society as Secretary (1987-1990) and President (1990-1991 and 2014-2015). As President, he organized and chaired the annual CPS of GB Convention in 1991 in Great Malvern, Worcestershire, and in 2015 at Carlisle, Cumbria.

He is a recognized authority on the traveling post offices of Newfoundland and Labrador, with numerous articles about them in BNA Topics and other journals. He was commended for significant contributions to the Catalogue of Canadian Railway Post Office Cancellations and Related Railway Postmarks including Selected Waterway Postmarks. In 2009, he received the Robert H. Pratt Award, presented annually by the Collectors Club of Chicago, for the best article, series of articles, book, or electronic presentation related to Newfoundland philately for his book, Traveling Post Office Postmarks of Newfoundland and Labrador (BNAPS). In 2010, he received, with Mike Street, the Pratt Award and the Vincent G. Greene Award for their article “Labrador Winter Mail - Challenges & Heroics - Mail Courier Ernest B. Doane’s Crossings of the Strait of Belle Isle, 1910 & 1911 - A Centennial Tribute” in BNA Topics.

Brian has been a frequent BNAPEX exhibitor, beginning with his Hamilton 1989 exhibit on the Great Western Railway of Canada and extending into Gold medal exhibits on various aspects of Newfoundland and Labrador traveling post offices in Halifax (2008), Kingston (2009), and Victoria (2010).

He served as Chairman of the BNAPS Railway Post Office Study Group for a number of years, and continues to be a contributor to its newsletter. A keen student and careful researcher, Brian has made significant contributions to the hobby.

2012 - George B. Dresser, John Jamieson
George Dresser

George Dresser

George Dresser has been a member of BNAPS since 1975. Elected as a Director 2002–2006, George became First Vice-President 2006–2008, President 2008–2010, and Past President 2010–2012. In addition, George has chaired the Finance Committee since 2008.

His service in State and local philatelic organizations includes being a member and Treasurer of the Texas Precancel Stamp Society, APS Representative and Chairman of the Bryan College Station Stamp Club and Past Contact for the Texas A&M Stamp Club. He also taught a 3-month "Introduction to Philately" class for children in 2011 and was the Leader of a 12-member youth stamp club from 2007 to 2011.

George is an active member of the BNAPS Prairie Beaver Regional Group and has served as the Group’s Chairman since 1994. He is a strong supporter of BNAPEX Conventions, which he has attended since 1989. He was Vice Chairman and Treasurer for BNAPEX 1996 Fort Worth, in charge of security for BNAPEX 1990 Galveston, and transportation for BNAPEX 1980 McAllen. From 2002 to 2006 he contributed regularly as Chairman to the newsletter of the Air Mail Study Group, and has chaired several Air Mail Study Group seminars at BNAPEXes. “The Quiet Man from Texas” provides an outstanding example of leadership to our Society.

John Jamieson

John Jamieson

John Jamieson is well known to BNA collectors as the proprietor of Saskatoon Stamp Centre. He has maintained extensive databases on a wide variety of BNA philatelic material, and has shared this information freely with collectors.

He served two terms as a BNAPS Board Director, and served for some time as the BNAPS bookseller. He has consistently promoted awareness of, and membership in, BNAPS through his business mailings, often including BNAPS membership application forms in those mailings.

John has disseminated knowledge to collectors on a great many aspects of BNA philately from pence to modern issues, including re-entries, errors, and fakes. He has exposed modern fakes, published information on the modern fake double perforations, and authored a definitive article on the St. Lawrence Seaway invert. He published the 7th edition of Webb's Postal Stationery Catalogue, and secured an agreement with Canada Post to inventory and promote it in its mailings and in post offices.

He collected Newfoundland’s Guy Issue, and exhibited it at the 2010 Edmonton Spring National Show, winning a Gold and the Grand Award, and has exhibited known Canadian inverts non-competitively at BNAPEX 2009 SEAWAYPEX in Kingston.

John continues the professional and personal membership tradition of past BNAPS stamp dealer and auctioneer luminaries such as Fred Jarrett, Allan Steinhart, Art Leggett and Bob Lee.

2011 - C.R. (Ron) McGuire
Ron McGuire

Ron McGuire

Ron McGuire served BNAPS as a Director (1979-1984) and Vice-President (1985). While he was the BNAPS Convention Coordinator from 1981 to 1988, he arranged all BNAPEX conventions from 1984 through 1997. He also served on the BNAPS Nomination Committee (1983-1987; Chairman 1984-1987) and the BNAPS Library Committee (1981-1982), and assisted the BNAPS Historian (1982-1984). He also served on the Jury at BNAPEX 1982 Virginia Beach.

In 1972, Ron was selected as Administrative Research Officer in the new Postal Museum being created by the Canada Post Office Department. The following year, he was named Head, Research and Administration, playing a large part in preparing the museum for its official opening in 1974 and its ongoing development. He was appointed acting Curator in 1980, and then became Senior Postal Historian in 1982. Sadly, almost 15 years of work by Ron and the other members of the Postal Museum team was effectively lost when the new Canada Post Corporation dismantled the museum in 1985.

In this period and later, Ron was active as an accredited Royal Philatelic Society of Canada [RPSC] judge, and as a frequent contributor to philatelic journals and the annual STAMPEX show in Toronto. For his writing he has received awards for "best article" from the RPSC (Geldert Award, 1981), the Postal History Society of Canada [PHSC] (F. W. Campbell Award, 1982; Stan Shantz Award, 2001), BNAPS (Vincent G. Greene Award 1982, 2002, 2008), BNAPS Military Mail Study Group (E.R. Toop Award, 2002) and the Collector's Club of Chicago (Robert Pratt Award, 2002). The H.W. Harrison Online Library records that Ron has written 100 articles and letters for BNA Topics, 50 for the PHSC Journal, and 11 each for the RPSC’s Canadian Philatelist and the Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain’s Maple Leaves. In 1980, Ron self published the Little Norway Story.

For CAPEX ’87, Ron developed the Canada Post Corporation’s twenty frame exhibit and wrote an accompanying 52-page booklet, Facets of Canadian Philately. At the request of the Norwegian Postal Authority, he also prepared an eight-panel display on the Little Norway Post Offices in Canada during WWII. Ron was elected a Fellow of the RPSC in 1985. In 2002, he was awarded the PHSC's E.R. Toop Award for his display on the Postal History of 'C' Force, Canada's contingent to Hong Kong during World War. In 1999, he received the OTB Lifetime Achievement Award, the only recipient to be subsequently inducted into the OTB, a practice now discontinued.

2010 - John (Jack) Gordon, Harry Machum
Jack Gordon

Jack Gordon

A lifelong collector, Jack Gordon joined BNAPS on 15 May 1953 while studying at Cornell. Ed Richardson - still in Ithaca at the time - brought him into the Society. Aviation history was one of Jack's early interests; from 1954 though 1965, he authored a number of BNA Topics articles on Trans-Canada Airline flights.

Although continuing to collect, he was diverted for a time by other interests, but returned to BNA philately with a focus on Squared Circles. This resulted in his Chairmanship of the Squared Circle Study Group beginning in the 1990s. He was Editor of the Group’s newsletter from 1996 to 2011, and his "Rounding Up Squared Circles" column appeared in BNA Topics from 1999 to 2001. His 2001 publication of The Squared Circle Cancellations of Canada was a monumental work that updated the 1981 Moffatt and Hansen catalogue. Jack served BNAPS as a member of the Board of Directors from 2006 to 2010. A regular attendee at BNAPEX and ORAPEX, Jack was inducted into the Order of the Beaver at the 2010 Convention in Victoria.

Outside philately, his interests were diverse, and included classical music. He was a sports car enthusiast, and at one time raced at courses such as Sebring. He once told his wife Rowena that his favorite race was the Mt. Equinox Hill Climb in Manchester, VT, which he won in 1966. An Alfa Romeo sedan was his personal use car.

Those who knew Jack admired and respected him - an intelligent and thoughtful man with a sense of humour, always willing to share his thoughts and knowledge when asked.

Harry Machum

Harry Machum

Harry Machum collected and studied Canada’s Elizabeth II issues, especially the Wildings, as well as Elizabethan rates, barrel cancels and airport cancels, postal stationery, and post-WWII military mail including the Korean conflict and United Nations operations. His non-BNA interests included newspaper wrappers and aerogrammes of all countries, post-WWII censorship around the world, the squared circles of London, England, early United States machine cancels, especially Flags, and Jamaica with emphasis on military including the Canadian "Y" force.

He received a National level Gold and the Philatelic Specialist Society of Canada Research Award at ORAPEX 2000 for his exhibit, Canada's Wilding Issue. He judged at BNAPEX 2005 in Edmonton and 2009 in Kingston. He co-edited, with Andrew Chung and Hank Narbonne, the two-volume Postal Rates and Fees of the Elizabethan Era from Canada 1952-2005, published by the BNAPS Elizabethan II Study Group, and wrote many articles on Canadian Elizabethan postal history for the Group's newsletter, Corgi Times.

Harry served as a Director of BNAPS from 2001 to 2008. He was Co-Chairman of BNAPEX 2006 in Sudbury. He chaired the Elizabethan II Study Group from 1993 until his death in 2010. Locally, he served as President of the Sudbury Stamp Club for five years, and chaired its stamp show six times.

He was active as a dealer in postal history, and worked with the late John Frith as Sudbury Stamps. He continued on his own after John’s death. Harry would find the difficult cover with the little twist that made it exotic rather than just interesting. Harry and his wife Dorothy operated the Hawberry Motel in Little Current on Manitoulin Island for many years.

Harry was elected to the BNAPS Order of the Beaver at BNAPEX 2010 Victoria in September 2010, when he was terminally ill. A regular BNAPEX attendee, he was unable to attend the Victoria meeting, but his medal was sent to Dorothy, who told us how pleased he was to learn of his election shortly before he passed away.

2009 - Peter J. McCarthy
Bill Walton congratulates Peter McCarthy

OTB Chair Bill Walton, Peter McCarthy

Peter McCarthy joined BNAPS in 1986 and has made many important contributions to the Society. Between 1991 and 1996, he was the Study Group Centreline Reporter for BNA Topics. In 2003, he chaired the very successful BNAPEX London, ON, and he has been a very active co-leader and secretary of the BNAPS Golden Horseshoe Regional Group, for which he received the Jack Levine Fellowship Award in 2007.

One of Peter's main collecting interests is railway post office (RPO) cancellations, and he has been a regular contributor to the newsletter of the RPO Study Group over the years. He has also contributed several articles to BNA Topics. A keen exhibitor, Peter has won both BNAPEX and national level Gold exhibiting awards, and is an accredited Canadian regional level judge.

Before moving to London, ON, Peter was the stamp columnist for the Sherbrooke Record from 1986-1996. In London he has been active as a director of the Middlesex Stamp Club and has helped run MIDDPEX, the club's annual exhibition.

2008 - Norris (Bob) Dyer
Bob Dyer congratulated by Bill Walton

Bob Dyer, OTB Chair Bill Walton

Since December 2000, Bob Dyer has been Chairman of the Newfoundland Study Group and Editor of the Newfie Newsletter, for which he received the John S. Siverts award in 2004. He has compiled and edited the ‘Recent Awards Won by BNAPS Members’ on the BNAPS website since 2003 and has been Coordinator of the BNAPS Youth Program since 2005. He is currently serving a four-year term on the BNAPS Board of Directors.

Bob has published more than 20 articles on Newfoundland philately in BNA Topics and many more in the Newfie Newsletter, as well as in The American Philatelist. He is the author of BNAPS Exhibit Series Volume 19: Postal Shortages, and Surcharged Issues of Newfoundland.

In addition to many Gold and Vermeil awards and two Meyerson Awards at BNAPEXes, Bob received an International Gold at Washington 2006 for his multi-frame ‘Postal Shortages and Surcharged Issues of Newfoundland’, the Prix d'Honneur at the APS AmeriStamp Expo 2004 Single Frame Champion of Champions for "Newfoundland's 1897 Postal Shortage"; Gold and the 2004 BALPEX Grand Award for "Newfoundland's 1920 Postal Shortage" (single frame). He serves as the Internet contact for the Redwood Empire Collectors Club in Petaluma, CA, was Resident Philatelist for the Vickers Vimy Atlantic team, which in 2005 recreated the 1919 Alcock & Brown Transatlantic Flight, and is an active supporter of the American Philatelic Society, the Council of Northern California Philatelic Societies (Norcal) and the Federated Philatelic Clubs of Southern California (SESCAL).

2007 - H. Peter Jacobi, Robert Lane
Peter Jacobi with his Order of the Beaver medal

Pete Jacobi

Pete Jacobi has been Secretary of BNAPS since early 2000. His background in the mining industry and residence in both the East and West Kootenay region of British Columbia led to his exhibits, ‘Mining – British Columbia’s Heritage’ and ‘Gems of the Kootenays’, which have won numerous Vermeil and Gold medals at VANPEX, PIPEX, RPSC and BNAPEX shows, including ‘People’s Choice Awards’ at VANPEX in 1996 and again in 2004.  ‘Mining’ was published in black and white in 1999 as BNAPS Exhibit Series No. 11; a completely revised version in full colour was released in 2006. He has also contributed many articles to BNA Topics, most of them in the ‘Vignettes of the Old West’ series.

Pete served as Chairman of VANPEX from 2001 to 2004 and was a Director of the Northwest Federation of Stamp Clubs from 2003-2005. In 2001, he was invited to join Vancouver area Senior Philatelists in the "21" Club. Currently Pete is Chairman of the Pacific Northwest Regional Group of BNAPS.

Bill Walton congratulates Robert Lane

OTB Chair Bill Walton, Bob Lane

Bob Lane of St. Albert, Alberta, has been BNAPS Webmaster since 1995. In 1999, the International Federation of Philately (FIP) recognized Bob’s work by selecting the BNAPS website as one of six sites to receive their ‘Top 5%’ award. Bob has served as Vice-President Regional Groups since 2003. He was active in organizing the BNAPEX conventions of 1995 and 2005, both held in Edmonton. In 2003 he was honoured with the BNAPS Hall of Fame Award.

Bob collects Manitoba Postal History with special emphasis on the Railway Post Offices of the province. He has published articles in BNA Topics covering the Riel Rebellion and Manitoba Postal History. In 2004, his exhibit, ‘Railroad Post Office Cancellations Used in Manitoba’, won a Gold medal at BNAPEX. Bob is also recognized as an accomplished nature photographer. His photos of birds and other wildlife can be found on several websites.

2005 - William S. Pawluk
Bill Walton congratulates William Pawluk

OTB Chair Bill Walton, Bill Pawluk

Long time BNAPS member Bill Pawluk of Calgary, Alberta, was inducted into the Order of the Beaver at the BNAPEX awards banquet Edmonton on 4 September 2005. Bill has long served the Calgary Regional Group as Chairman, member and program presenter. He is currently First Vice-President of BNAPS. He has previously chaired or co-chaired several committees of the Society, and has served as judge at BNAPEX shows. He is an accredited national judge in Canada.

Bill has just completed a major new work on 1897-1911 postal history with George Arfken, soon to be published. He won the Grand Award at BNAPEX 1995 in Edmonton for "Canada: Postal Regulations, Rates, and Usages - Domestic and International Mail, 1897-1911".

2004 - James Hansen, Douglas Lingard
James Hansen with his Order of the Beaver medal

Jim Hansen

Jim Hansen of Newbury, New Hampshire, has been a member of BNAPS since 1982. Jim served as BNAPS Treasurer, a time consuming position, for the last four years. Jim and his wife Dolores have attended almost all BNAPEX conventions since 1985. In 1994, they organized and hosted BNAPEX in Burlington, VT, welcoming a good turnout of BNAPS members who greatly enjoyed the convention. Jim has also participated in various study group sessions at BNAPEXes.

As President of the Montpelier, Vermont, Stamp Society, he chaired or assisted with many club shows, and also chaired or assisted with several VERPEX exhibitions.

A truly dedicated philatelist, Jim has worked as a philatelic insurance claims adjuster for over 30 years. He is always working to promote philately and BNAPS, and will now take up new duties as Vice-President Study Groups.

Doug Lingard with his Order of the Beaver medal

Doug Lingard

Doug Lingard of Ottawa, Ontario, has been an indefatigable supporter of BNAPS for many years, and has served the Society in many capacities. As Second Vice-President from 1996 to 2004, he coordinated the activities of the various BNAPS study groups, encouraged new groups to form, and revitalized existing groups that had fallen on hard times. He was Chairman of the BNAPEX 2001 convention in Ottawa and has been a strong supporter of the Society's St. Lawrence Seaway Regional Group over the last decade.

Doug is also a regular member of the organizing committee of ORAPEX, one of eastern Canada's national spring shows, and has served as Chairman of that committee.

Flag cancellations and the postal history of the 1939 Royal Train are his real collecting passions. He was a stalwart of the BNAPS Flag Cancel Study Group for many years, and helped prepare and publish the latest revision of the Flag Cancel Handbook.

Doug has exhibited many times at BNAPEX, National and Regional level exhibitions. He is an RPSC National level judge, and served as a judge at BNAPEX 1996 in Fort Worth, TX.

Doug has an outgoing personality with a sense of whimsy, and is a person who is always willing to share his philatelic knowledge.

2003 - John D. Arn, R. F. (Hank) Narbonne
John Arn is congratulated by Bill Walton

John Arn, OTB Chair Bill Walton

John Arn of Colbert, Washington, founded and was Chairman and Editor of the BNAPS Elizabethan II Study Group from 1992 to 2000. He was awarded the John Siverts Award three times for the Study Group's newsletter, Corgi Times, received the President's Award in 1993, and was Chairman of BNAPEX 2002. He also chaired Elizabeth II Study Group seminars at BNAPEX from 1992 to 2000 and in 2002.

John served on the Committee of the Inland Empire Philatelic Society of Washington for several years, chairing their annual "Apple Harvest" stamp show in 2001 and 2002 and as a member of the PIPEX 2001 host committee. For 15 years, he coordinated an annual philatelic weekend for more than 50 collectors at Lake Moses, WA, and has also arranged an annual joint meeting between the IEPS and the Missoula, MT, Stamp Club.

John's exhibits have obtained Vermeil awards at BNAPEX 2000, BNAPEX 2002, PIPEX 2001, and Omaha 2002 - the latter two APS World Series of Philately exhibitions. John has attended all but one BNAPS convention since 1992.

Hank Narbonne

Hank Narbonne

R. F. (Hank) Narbonne of Carleton Place, Ontario, has been a member of BNAPS since 1969. In addition to acting as BNAPS Advertising Manager and Dealer Liaison for many years, he has served as a member of the BNAPS Board of Directors and was Bourse Chairman for BNAPEX 2001 in Ottawa. He has also been Secretary-Director, Circulation Manager, and Distribution Manager for the Postal History Society of Canada, and was recently elected a Director of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada.

A stamp dealer since 1969, Hank co-authored two editions of the Canada Post Official First Day Cover Catalogue, and provided editorial board support to the last four editions of The Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps. In addition, he made significant contributions to Webb's Postal Stationery Catalogue of Canada, and to the Postmarks of Ontario and Ontario Broken Circles catalogues.

Hank's exhibits have earned BNAPS Vermeil and National level Gold awards. He is an accredited National level judge, and served as a Judge at BNAPEX 1997 in St. John's, NL. Hank has attended almost all BNAPEX conventions since 1979.

1968 - 2002

Profiles of OTB Fellows are not available before 2003.

Photos are shown below.

2002 - P. Charles Livermore
Charles Livermore

Charles Livermore

2001 - John Burnett, Clinton Phillips
John Burnett

John Burnett

Clinton Phillips

Clinton Phillips

2000 - Arthur Klass, Jack Wallace
Arthur Klass

Arthur Klass

Jack Wallace

Jack Wallace

1999 - Jonathan Johnson, Robert Lemire, Victor L. Willson
Jonathan Johnson

Jon Johnson

Robert Lemire

Robert Lemire

Victor L. Willson

Vic Willson

1998 - Jerome Jarnick
Jerome Jarnick

Jerry Jarnick

1997 - Charles Firby, Robert A. Lee, J. Don Wilson
Charles Firby

Charles Firby

Robert A. Lee

Bob Lee

J. Don Wilson

Don Wilson

1996 - George Arfken
George Arfken

George Arfken

1995 - John C. (Jack) Arnell, Kenneth Ellison
John C. (Jack) Arnell

Jack Arnell

Kenneth Ellison

Ken Ellison

1994 - William (Bill) Walton
William Walton

Bill Walton

1993 - E. R. (Ritch) Toop
E. R. (Ritch) Toop

Ritch Toop

1992 - H. Michael (Mike) Street
H. Michael Street

Mike Street

1991 - Horace Harrison, Larry Paige
Horace Harrison

Horace Harrison

Larry Paige

Larry Paige

1990 - Earle L. Covert
Earle L. Covert

Earle Covert

1989 - Clarence A. Stillions
Clarence A. Stillions

C.A. Stillions

1987 - Edmund (Ed) Harris, William G. (Bill) Robinson
Edmund Harris

Ed Harris

William G. Robinson

Bill Robinson

1986 - Robert V. C. Carr, Sam Nickle
Robert V. C. Carr

Robert Carr

Sam Nickle

Sam Nickle

1985 - Arthur Leggett
Arthur Leggett

Art Leggett

1984 - John Siverts
John Siverts

John Siverts

1983 - Lewis M. Ludlow
Lewis M. Ludlow

Lew Ludlow

1982 - James Lehr, Allan L. Steinhart
James Lehr

James Lehr

Allan L. Steinhart

Allan Steinhart

1981 - Lee Brandom
Lee Brandom

Lee Brandom

1980 - Guy des Rivières
Guy des Rivieres

Guy des Rivières

1979 - Leo LaFrance, Robert Pratt
Leo LaFrance

Leo LaFrance

Robert Pratt

Robert Pratt

1978 - James Kraemer
James Kraemer

James Kraemer

1977 - James Pike
James Pike

James Pike

1976 - Charles de Volpi, Edward J. (Ed) Whiting
Charles de Volpi

Charles de Volpi

Edward J. Whiting

Ed Whiting

1974 - Alfred Cook
Alfred Cook

Alfred Cook

1973 - George B. (Bert) Llewellyn, Harry Lussey
George Llewellyn

Bert Llewellyn

Harry Lussey

Harry Lussey

1972 - Leslie Davenport, Wilmer C. (Bill) Rockett, Robert Woolley
Leslie Davenport

Leslie Davenport

Wilmer C. (Bill) Rockett

Bill Rockett

Robert Woolley

Robert Woolley

1971 - James N. Sissons
James N. Sissons

Jim Sissons

1969 - Vincent G. Greene, Gerald E. Wellburn
Vincent G. Greene

Vincent Greene

Gerald E. Wellburn

Gerald Wellburn

1968 - Fred Jarrett, Jack Levine, Edward A. (Ed) Richardson, Clarence Westhaver
Fred Jarrett

Fred Jarrett

Jack Levine

Jack Levine

Edward A. Richardson

Ed Richardson


Clarence Westhaver

Clarence Westhaver

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