Webb's Postal Stationery Catalogue of Canada & Newfoundland, 8th Edition, 2019 - Canada Premium Products

Addenda to the Webb Catalogue - Canada Premium Products

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The addenda to the Webb's Postal Stationery Catalogue of Canada & Newfoundland, 8th Edition, 2019, are the work of Earle L. Covert. These pages are available for download and printing for those interested in these specialized categories of Canadian postal stationery.

Registered Prepaid Envelopes 1
Regular Issue Priority Post / Courier Envelopes 2
VentureOne Value Pack Priority Courier Envelopes 24
Private Order Priority Post Envelopes & Skypak 26
Certified Mail 31
Registered prepaid envelope

Regular Issue Special Letter Envelopes 34
Private Order Special Letter Envelopes 36
Workers' Compensation 36
Trillium 36
Legislative Assembly 43
Ontario Hydro 44
Ottawa & Carleton Universities 46
Edmonton Telephone 47
Air Canada 47
New Brunswick 48
Québec Partnership with Canada Post 49
Official Special Letter Envelopes 52
Lettermail Selfmailer 54
Request for Additional Delivery 55
Prepaid Flat Rate Boxes 56
Regular issue special letter envelope

Xpresspost 58
Regular Xpresspost Envelopes 58
Private Order Xpresspost 85
U.S. Priority Mail 89
Xpresspost Boxes 90
Bubble / Padded Xpresspost 94
Private Order Bubble Xpresspost 108
Xpresspost Regional envelope

USA Xpresspost 109
International – Zone Europe then International Xpresspost 116
VentureOne Value Pack Xpresspost Envelopes 120
Xpresspost Envelope for Commercial Use 129
Official Xpresspost – Passport Office 130
Official Xpresspost – Post Office 134
Official Xpresspost Certified 134
Quebec Xpresspost Certifié / Certified 135
Xpresspost United States envelope

Prepaid Parcel Labels 136
Prepaid parcel label


Xpresspost Flap Roulette Types 147

Concordance on Online Files (old Webb nos to new Webb nos) 151

Reporting unlisted items

We continue to depend primarily on Webb users for new reports. Many of the previously unreported items now listed in this Edition were spotted and submitted by our fellow collectors.

New information on any unlisted items - accompanied by scans at 300 dpi of the front and back - will be greatly appreciated. For the material included in this online section of the catalogue (Canada Premium Products), new reports should be directed to:

Earle L. Covert, M.D.
101-75 Fairmont Blvd S
Lethbridge, AB, Canada  T1K 8H5
Email: ecovert6@gmail.com

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