Term of office of the President

BNAPS was established in 1943. At that time, four interim officers were appointed: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The interim officers served until the results of the first election were announced in 1945. The officers were elected for a two-year term, 1945-1946. From 1945 to 1998, the term of office corresponded to two calendar years.

At its meeting held at BNAPEX 1997 in St. John's, NL, on 27 August, the Board of Directors passed a motion to change the dates that terms begin and end. With the exception of the Treasurer, elected officials (that is, directors and officers) assume their duties immediately following the BNAPEX convention. Their term ends at the end of the BNAPEX convention in the final year of their term.

The Treasurer's term remained aligned with the calendar year. The Treasurer's term is two years. The term begins on 1 January of the first year and ends on 31 December of the second year.


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Photos of the BNAPS presidents
David McLaughlin Ron Majors
David McLaughlin 2022-2024 Ron Majors 2020-2022
Ken Lemke Eldon C. Godfrey
Ken Lemke 2018-2020 Eldon C. Godfrey 2016-2018
George B. Dresser Norris (Bob) Dyer
George B. Dresser 2014-2016 Norris (Bob) Dyer 2012-2014
Robert Lemire George B. Dresser
Robert Lemire 2010-2012 George B. Dresser 2008-2010
William Pawluk P. Charles Livermore
William Pawluk 2006-2008 P. Charles Livermore 2004-2006
Robert A. Lee Horace W. Harrison
Robert A. Lee 2002-2004 Horace W. Harrison 2000-2002
Earle L. Covert Victor L. Willson
Earle L. Covert 1998-2000 Victor L. Willson 1997-1998
H. Michael Street Charles G. Firby
H. Michael Street 1995-1996 Charles G. Firby 1993-1994
William G. Robinson Lewis M. Ludlow
William G. Robinson 1991-1992 Lewis M. Ludlow 1989-1990
Edmund A. Harris Edward J. Whiting
Edmund A. Harris 1987-1988 Edward J. Whiting 1985-1986
Michael B. Dicketts James C. Lehr
Michael B. Dicketts 1983-1984 James C. Lehr 1981-1982
Guy des Rivieres Leo J. LaFrance
Guy des Rivieres 1979-1980 Leo J. LaFrance 1977-1978
James A. Pike Alfred P. Cook
James A. Pike 1975-1976 Alfred P. Cook 1973-1974
Sam C. Nickle Robert V. C. Carr
Sam C. Nickle 1971-1972 Robert V. C. Carr 1969-1970
Robert J. Woolley Clarence A. Westhaver
Robert J. Woolley 1967-1968 Clarence A. Westhaver 1965-1966
Clare M. Jephcott Walter W. Chadbourne
Clare M. Jephcott 1963-1964 Walter W. Chadbourne 1961-1962
Vincent G. Greene George B. Llewellyn
Vincent G. Greene 1959-1960 George B. Llewellyn 1957-1958
Charles P. deVolpi Harry W. Lussey
Charles P. deVolpi 1955-1956 Harry W. Lussey 1953-1954
Bury Collins Binks Richard P. Hedley
Bury Collins Binks 1951-1952 Richard P. Hedley 1949-1950
Edward A. Richardson Walter R. Hoffmann
Edward A. Richardson 1947-1948 Walter R. Hoffmann 1945-1946
Interim President 1943-1945

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