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Foreign Exchange Control in Canada / The Role of Canada Post 1939-1951

Eldon Godfrey
Released June 2018. Exhibit series # 100.
150 pages, 8.5x11, spiral bound.
Colour C$ 38.00 [ISBN 978-1-927119-88-4].

On 15 September 1939, five days after declaring war on Germany at the start of World War II, the Canadian government passed an Order-in-Council authorizing the Foreign Exchange Control Order. The new law established a method of controlling foreign exchange transactions in order to make sure that Canada would have enough currency to meet the coming financial obligations of fighting a major war. The Foreign Exchange Control Board (FECB) began operations the following day. In Foreign Exchange Control in Canada / The Role of Canada Post 1939-1951, Eldon Godfrey illustrates how the Canadian Post Office department played a major role in helping the FECB carry out its task throughout the war and for five years afterward.

Born in Lethbridge, Alberta, in 1935, Eldon Godfrey began a schoolboy’s stamp collection in England during World War II, an accumulation / collection of worldwide stamps which was “left behind� when the family returned home to Canada in 1948. A chartered accountant by profession, Eldon was twice recognized for distinguished service and was named a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants in 2001.

Collecting did not resume until, as a corporate auditor, Eldon met the late Bob Traquair, then President of the Calgary Philatelic Society (CPS), which he joined in 1960. He joined BNAPS in February 1964 and served as Treasurer of the very successful BNAPEX 1966, held in Calgary. Eldon’s BNAPS membership has been interrupted on two occasions, the first resulting from a change in his professional life, the second in consequence of administrative service in domestic and international sport. Eldon has been inducted in the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame, the International Swimming Hall of Fame and the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame. He has served on several Olympic Games judging panels, most recently at the Games of the XXX Olympiad, better known as London 2012.

Returning to BNAPS in September 2006, the issues of King George VI captured his attention. His curiosity was aroused by the markings “Passed for Export� and “Authorized/Approved for Export by Foreign Exchange Control Board� found on covers throughout the greater portion of the reign of King George VI. The transition from accumulation to collection and then exhibit followed. As an exhibit of eight frames, it received the Grand Award at the Calgary Regional CALTAPEX 2014. As an exhibit of ten frames it was awarded a Vermeil at the Edmonton Spring National 2015. Returning to the eight frame format, at BNAPEX 2015 NIAGARA FALLS the exhibit received a Gold and, as a first time exhibitor at a BNAPEX, the Order of the Beaver Novice Award.

Eldon served on the BNAPS Board of Directors (2012-2014), as First Vice-President (2014-2016) and as President (2016-2018). He was elected to the Order of the Beaver at the Calgary Convention in 2017.

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