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International Rapid Cancelling Machines Volume 3 – Province of Quebec, the Maritimes and Newfoundland

Cecil Coutts
Released February 2017.
124 pages, 8.5x11, spiral bound.
Colour C$ 28.00 [ISBN 978-1-927119-73-0].

In the almost thirty five years since David Sessions’ Early Rapid Cancelling Machines of Canada was published, a considerable amount of new early/late postmark dates and other data have been reported. In this, the third of three new handbooks detailing the use of International Machines to cancel Canadian mail, Cec Coutts has completely updated the International Machines portion of David’s work covering Quebec, the Maritimes and Newfoundland. Included is a special section on the Montreal Postage Due International cancellation which was unknown when David Sessions’ book was published.

All data for each town or city that had an International Machine is presented in table form. On their own, these tables would not take many pages, but Cec has added many covers illustrating not only line cancellations but also Flag cancellations for the locations that had Flags, as well as contemporary postcards – almost all in colour - of virtually every town or city, providing a most interesting view of the 1902-1920 period. The first volume, Western Canada, was published in August 2016, and the second volume, Ontario, was published in December 2016.

Cec Coutts was born in Meeting Creek, Alberta in 1932. Depressed conditions on the prairies resulted in a family move to British Columbia. After graduating in 1950 from King George High School in Vancouver, he joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. A 35 year career with the Mounties was served in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. His stamp collecting days go back to 1954 while stationed in Saskatoon. Cec is the also author of three editions of Slogan Postmarks of Canada and two editions of The Handbook of Air Mail Slogan Cancels of Canada, both also now published by BNAPS, as well as Canada Blackout Postal Markings 1942-1945, the 84th book in the BNAPS Exhibit Series.

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