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6 Sep 2021
92 min.

The 1939 Royal Visit to North America Focusing on the Postal History of the Royal Train
Doug Lingard and David Bartlet

Presentation given at BNAPEX 2021 Virtual. The presentation was originally given at the Calgary Regional Group on 9 June 2021.

16 Jan 2021
34 min.

Peter McCarthy

Illustrates covers from personnel on the small boats in the Royal Canadian Navy during WW II. The presentation provides background information on these small boats, including the Motor Torpedo Boats and the Fairmile Type B Motor Launches.

16 Jan 2021
26 min.

Some Interesting Covers from the Decade of the 1940s
Simon Claughton

Presents ten covers from the 1940s, singled out because of their markings, franking, routing, and/or exotic destination.

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