Report from Jeff Arnt on the August 2010 meeting of the BNAPS Mid-Atlantic Regional Group

Our meeting was held at the APS show in Richmond, VA - we had about 14 people, 6 from the region.

J.C. Stillions made a presentation on the Pratt photo conversion project. This is an extremely interesting project that we should talk to the Chicago club about getting copies of the digitized slides.

We signed up two new members at the show and I hope 2 or so more will send their forms in.

There were 4 open competition Canadian exhibits:

  • The Small Queen ERA: 1870-1897, A study of rate, regulations & uses, by Terry Averbeck. The exhibit was awarded Gold.
  • Canada - Confederation Issue of 1927, by John P. Wynns. This exhibit was awarded Vermeil.
  • Canadian Dead Letter Office Envelopes, by Marc Eisenberg. This exhibit was awarded Silver.
  • In the Literature Competition - The Canadian Connection. Volume 23, by John G. Peebles. This publication won a Silver/Bronze.

    There were two exhibits in the Court of Honour:

  • Evolution of Airmail - Toronto Canda, From biplane to jet, by Neil Hunter.
  • The 1610-1910 Newfoundland Tercentenary Issue, by John Jamieson.

    The time and location of the next meeting will be announced.

    - Jeff Arnt