GHRG Meeting Reports 2020 – 2022
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The GHRG holds meetings every two months except during the summer. The season begins in September and ends in May. Unless otherwise noted, meetings are held at the Brewers Blackbird Kitchen & Brewery in Ancaster.

Members start to gather around 10:00 am to discuss philately over a cup of coffee. We invite BNA dealers in the region to show their stock. Lunch is served around noon, after which the formal part of the meeting begins with announcements and an auction of donated material. The highlight of the meeting is a talk by an invited speaker. A Show and Tell session at the end of the meeting usually turns up surprising and intriguing items.

Meeting reports

2020 – 2021 Season

Meetings and speakers

Saturday, 26 September 2020 (virtual meeting)
The meeting featured two presentations.

  • Chris Evans – “The Victoria Red Leaf Issue Advertising Postal Cards”
  • Mike Street – “New BNAPS Books”

Saturday, 22 August 2020 (virtual meeting)
The meeting featured three presentations.

  • Ingo Nessel – “Canada’s 1985 – 1989 50c Parliament Booklets”
  • Bill Longley – “Trail Blazing New Collecting Areas”
  • Mike Street – “New BNAPS Books and Cancel Challenges”

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Saturday, 26 September 2020 meeting

This virtual meeting of the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group featured two presentations. Access to the videos is restricted to BNAPS members. You must log in to view them.

On 26 September, the GHRG held a virtual meeting in which 27 people joined in to listen to Chris Ellis give a fine postal stationery presentation on the Victoria Red Leaf Issue Advertising Postal Cards: Advertising, Design, Regulations. Chris is a good speaker and brought out some of the finer points of postal stationery cards. The presentation was enjoyed by all. Mike Street was invited to give the latest update on new publications. Although we are not meeting face to face, these virtual meetings give us a chance to see people that live too far away to be able to attend regular meetings and the pre-meeting ramble that goes on between members helps to relieve some of the anxieties of the pandemic situation.

It was quite apparent by our survey that people are still not ready to publicly meet in confined areas so we are content to leave things as they are for the time being. At a time when things appear to be much safer than the present, we will contact our meeting place and make arrangements in accordance with their policy.

We wish you all well and pray you will remain so. Until next time, stay safe.

Saturday, 22 August 2020 meeting

This virtual meeting of the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group featured three presentations. Access to the videos is restricted to BNAPS members. You must log in to view them.

The Golden Horseshoe Regional Group held its second virtual meeting via Zoom on 22 August with Charles Livermore as master of ceremonies. Twenty-seven persons were in attendance. Fantastic. In these times of restricted gatherings, face masks and social distancing, it is a wonderful way of staying in touch with each other.

Nick Poppenk, co-chairman of the Group introduced Ingo Nessel, our first speaker of the afternoon. Ingo gave a wonderful presentation on the 1985 – 1989 Fifty Cent Parliament Building booklets. Ingo pointed out the identification of papers, method of printing, some varieties and especially rates and destinations. It must be said, Ingo has some pretty neat and seldom seen destinations.

Mike Street gave us an update on new publications despite a little glitch in electronics. A full presentation will be on the BNAPS website shortly and may be by the time you read this.

Bill Longley was the second speaker, and he gave us an interesting talk on twenty suggestions of subjects people who say there is nothing more to collect may want to think of. They included things like various types of cancels, matching names to events and not all were meant to empty the bank account. It is suggested you visit these presentations on the BNAPS website.

Here is a suggestion. If you think you would like to be part of a virtual meeting but do not have a camera on your computer, go to an electronic store and inquire about a web-cam. I don’t believe they are all that expensive. You will then be able to enjoy meeting with various study and regional groups.

The GHRG is planning a third meeting for Saturday, 26 September, at 1:00 pm providing that slot is available. We are not sure who the speaker will be as yet, but we will keep you informed. Meanwhile, we hope you are enjoying the summer. Stay safe.

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Canada’s 1985 – 1989 50c Parliament Booklets
Ingo Nessel

Between 1985 and 1989, four different of 50¢ booklets featuring the Parliament buildings were issued. Ingo explores the printing, tagging, paper, fluorescence, and cover varieties found on these booklets - over 100 at last count. And that’s not counting the ten different cover designs. He also explores the postal history of the booklets. Some of the stamps, the low values, are surprisingly difficult to find on cover.

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31 min., 184 MB

Trail Blazing New Collecting Areas
Bill Longley

Bill suggests no less than 20 new areas to collect. Among them: covers illustrating Post Office mailing and franking rules, rural routes, stampless markings, free franking and its abuse, and the effects of technological advances on stamps and mail delivery. For more unusual and exciting suggestions, view the presentation!

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20 min., 38 MB

New BNAPS Books and Cancel Challenges
Mike Street

Mike previews several new BNAPS books. He then discusses some cancel categories that can be challenging to collect: airmail field (AMF) cancels, British and Foreign Mail Branch cancels, and "Double Circle" cancels.

GHRG Meeting Reports 2020 – 2022

Meeting reports

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