Stamps of the World
for pre-teens!! (see also the map of the world)

Some collectors want to save stamps from many or all countries. Now, we aren't going to tell you how educational this can be, cause this isn't school, right? This is mainly for fun!! But, if you happen to learn some things about geography and history as you go along, and your grades improve, that isn't bad either, is it !!

You can live in any country and save stamps from other countries. You might be surprised to find that some other countries call themselves by names different from the names we use for them. That is because they have a different language. You don't have to speak other languages to save their stamps though. It's fun to learn that people in Sweden call their country Sveridge, and people from Norway call their country Norge.

If someone gives you a stamp from Great Britain, you will see that they don't call themselves anything - at least on their stamps. That is because they were the first to use modern postage stamps, and so they don't bother.

The other fun thing to see is that other countries use different money. If you have a stamp from Canada, it might have 45 cents written on it, but a stamp from France might have 2 francs written on it. If this seems odd, ask an adult to explain it to you.

Click on the following pictures to see stamps from some other countries.

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