C = Canada
Ar = Argentina
A = Australia
B = Brazil
Ch = China
F = France
J = Japan
N = Norway
NZ = New Zealand
S = Spain
SA = South Africa
UK = United Kingdom (Great Britain)
USSR = (see below)

The British North America Philatelic Society World Map
we are still working on this page, so some stamps are not there - sorry :(

Presenting - the WORLD !! You can find and save stamps from hundreds of countries. Knowing where they are is useful, in case anyone asks! If you don't have one, find an atlas of the world, or maybe one of those globe things you can spin around. But if the atlas or globe you have is even several years old, you might have problems finding some countries.

Why is that? Well, it seems that countries get changed around every now and then. That's why we have an * beside USSR. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) that we sometimes used to call "Russia", has become several countries now, including one actually called "Russia". Most of the other ones have a lot of letters in their names.

And you can find stamps for both the old country and the new ones, too.

Come back to this map later and you might find more countries. Be sure to have your atlas or globe handy, or ask an adult to help you find a country on the world map.

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