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GAME RED: Try this set of games for young stamp collectors. They are arranged from "NEWBIE", to "COOL COLLECTOR", to "DUDE MASTER". Just click the answers you think are correct. When you are finished, click HERE for why any of your answers were wrong. Actually, click HERE anyway, and you will learn more about stamp collecting.


1. To start a stamp collection, you should have:

  • a pet squirrel
  • some postage stamps
  • lots of money

    2. If Grandpa gave you his old stamp collection, you should:

  • be very careful and keep it safe
  • give it to the cats to play with
  • cut all the pointy edges off the stamps

    3. When you first start to collect stamps:

  • you have to collect only stamps of your country
  • you can decide yourself what you want to collect
  • you have to eat four kinds of vegetables every day


    1. A collector of postage stamps is sometimes called:

  • a numismatist
  • Homer Simpson
  • a philatelist

    2. stamps that have never been used for postage are called:

  • mint stamps
  • unwanted stamps
  • imperforate stamps

    3. the cancellation marks on used stamps on an envelope are interesting because:

  • they tell you that the stamp has been used
  • they reveal the time of the next Star Wars show
  • they often show where and when the letter was mailed


    1. A perforation gauge is used:

  • for making perforations on a stamp
  • to tell the number of stamps that have perforations
  • to measure the spacing of the perforations on a stamp

    2. the country that does not show its name on its postage stamps is:

  • Great Britain
  • Bechuanaland
  • Canada

    3. all stamps that look alike are the same (true or false):

  • false
  • true
  • say that again?

    Before you go to the next game, look at the explanation for all the answers to the questions in the first game.

    GAME BLUE !!
    Here are some easy questions. Just pick out the right answer and you will go to a description of the stamps in the question. If you pick the wrong answer, your computer will turn purple and start to giggle. Then you will have to click on the BACK button at the top of your screen, to get back to the game.

    The questions get harder as you go through the game, but don't get discouraged if you are just starting to collect stamps.

    When you find yourself at the place that tells about the stamps, you can click the "BACK" thing at the top of your screen, to look again at the stamps; then click on the "FORWARD" thing at the top, when you want to return to the information page. When you have finished reading about the stamps for any question, click the little rocket thing to return to the game for the next question.

    1. Which stamp is from the United States of America?

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