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Updated 9 March 2010

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BNAPEX 2009, Kingston

  1. Announcement of the release of the new catalogue, edited by Ross Gray and available through BNAPS Books.
  2. Election of Officers: Bill Robinson is Honorary Chairman, Brian Stalker is Vice Chairman, Chris Anstead remains as Secretary and Treasurer, Ross Gray is Newsletter and Catalogue Editor, Bob Lane is Webmaster.

BNAPEX 2008, Halifax, 30 August 2008

Attendees at the RPO Study Group meeting at BNAPEX 2008 in Halifax
L to R: Peter McCarthy, Bill Topping, Elwood Poore, Bob Lane, Chris Anstead, Ralph Poore, Colin Lewis, Sean Wetherup, Brian Stalker (seated), Don Fraser (missing from photo)
  1. Election of Vice-Chairman. Moved by Chris Anstead, Bob Lane elected.
  2. Agenda approved.
  3. Chairman Bill Robinson, Secretary-Treasurer Chris Anstead, and Editor Ross Gray were unanimously re-confirmed in their respective offices.
  4. Secretary made his report. New members introduced.
  5. Treasurer made his report. Full report will be completed at year end, and published in the Newsletter. Moved that dues be confirmed as $10 CAD for Canadian members, $13 USD for US members, and £7 for UK members. Approved.
  6. Status of the revised catalogue. Some discussion. Brian Stalker proposed a small working group. Discussion. Motion to form a group of Stalker, McCarthy, Lane, Gray and Anstead to produce a satisfactory new catalogue within a year. Approved. Suggested that Ross Gray be approached by McCarthy to chair this group.
  7. Agreed that Gray be asked to include these Minutes in the Newsletter. Also a photo of the attendees.
  8. Anstead provided a draft of the RPO section for the new BNAPS Handbook. Accepted.
  9. Promotion of RPO collecting not discussed as time ran out.
  10. Agreed that Steamship marks be removed and included in Topping's book.
  11. Meeting adjourned.

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