Stamps of the United States of America !!

The United States of America, like Canada, once had very close ties with England. However, long before postage stamps were invented, the United States won its independence from England. So, there is no connection with England or Great Britain in the postage stamps of the United States.

The USA presently has 50 States. The capital is Washington, in the District of Columbia. Hawaii became a State of the USA in 1959, and had its own stamps before then. Alaska never had its own stamps before becoming a State, also in 1959.

The first two regular postage stamps issued by the government of the USA were in 1847, one showing a picture of Benjamin Franklin, and the other a picture of George Washington. Stamps of the United States have always been in values of dollars and cents.

US stamps have shown famous politicians (mostly Presidents), national parks, plants and animals, famous artists and writers, sports, and even cartoon characters. There is a very large number of subjects or topics that can be collected in the stamps of the USA.

To see some examples of USA stamps, just click on the small pictures.

This is a stamp with a picture of Benjamin Franklin, a famous American inventor, and also the first Postmaster General of the United States. That meant he was in charge of the postal services and all the post offices, a job he also had when the United States was still part of England's empire.

This is a stamp showing the Pony Express, which was used long ago to take mail by horseback from place to place.

The Boy Scouts of America is a group that encourages stamp collecting. A merit badge is offered to members who collect stamps. The Boy Scouts began in England, but spread to other countries. The highest level for a Scout in the United States is "Eagle Scout". In Britain and Canada, the highest level is "Queen's Scout".

An organization for girls in the United States is the Camp Fire Girls. Naturally, girls also collect postage stamps as a hobby.

Some stamps are not intended to be used for postage. This is a stamp given to a hunter when he or she bought a licence to hunt ducks and geese. The hunter signed her/his name on the front. These are beautiful stamps, even if you don't like hunting.

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