Be Careful on the Internet!!

The Internet can be a ton of fun, and there are wonderful websites you can surf to and enjoy. But, you also have to be careful about the occasional person who might want to take advantage of you. We strongly recommend that you do not give out any personal information about you or your family without the permission of parents or guardians. For example, you might find a website that offers to send you free postage stamps for your collection. Before you agree to send that website any information, even your email address, please get permission from an adult in your family.

So, cruise away and have fun with your hobby of stamp collecting, but be careful! When you reach 18 years of age, maybe you will want to join the British North America Philatelic Society, or some other reputable stamp collecting organization. Actually, if you are sponsored by an adult member of BNAPS, you can join before turning 18.

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