Canadian Stamps!!

for pre-teens

If you live in Canada, most of your stamps are probably Canadian stamps. Even if you do not live in Canada, you might want to save some stamps from there. Canada is a very large country but it does not have a large number of people living there. It can be very cold in winter and very hot in summer. It also has beautiful scenery.

You will see that all stamps from Canada use both of the languages of Canada, English and French. For example, you will find both "postage" and "postes" written on Canadian stamps.

Canadian stamps now cost dollars and cents, but long ago Canada used British money, so the stamps were sold for pence. You might see a very old Canadian stamp with 10 pence written on it - it cost 10 pence to buy when it was first sold at the Post Office. It would cost you a lot more to buy it now!!

You will see that countries like to show off what it's like there, by showing pictures of pretty places, favourite sports, and other interesting things on their stamps. Canada does that by showing pictures of flowers, birds, hockey, mountains, planes, ships, and many other interesting things. Canada also often shows pictures of the Queen of England, who is also the Queen of Great Britain and the Queen of Canada. Click on the small pictures below to see examples of stamps from Canada.

To find out more about stamps from Canada, you might want to check out "Stamps, Canada" on the Teens pages.

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