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Now That Was Service

Pete Jacobi


I was working as a Metallurgical Engineer for Falconbridge Nickel Mines Ltd. at Falconbridge, ON, a few miles outside of Sudbury, between October 1965 and September 1967. I quit Falconbridge and accepted a job with IMC Potash in Esterhazy, SK, in the fall of 1967. Quit IMC Potash in the fall of 1968 and started working for Cominco in Kimberley, BC. Was transferred by Cominco to Pine Point, NWT, in March 1969. The above accounts for all of the forwarding marks on the cover.

Front of cover from General Motors forwarded from Falconbridge, ON, to Pine Point, NWT
Back of cover from General Motors forwarded from Falconbridge, ON, to Pine Point, NWT

The letter

The reason for the letter from General Motors was a recall notice to fix something (I forget what) on our 1967 Pontiac 2+2, our pride and joy that we bought in Sudbury in late May 1967 after the birth of our first born.

The postal rate

Mailed in Oshawa, ON, April 14, 1969, to the original address of the purchaser of that vehicle, me, roughly 1.5 years after I had left my original address. The meter postage of 56 cents comprises first class postage of 6 cents for the first oz. of letter mail plus the registration fee of 50 cents. Curiously enough, there is no registration marking on the envelope front, although there are two registration transit markings on the reverse.

The markings

Ex. Oshawa Apr. 14/69, as shown by the meter. Toronto & Capreol RPO b/s Apr. 15/69. Sudbury transit Apr. 15/69. Falconbridge MOON Apr. 15/69 front and back stamp. I guess that it arrived at Falconbridge, the postal clerk realized 1.5 years later that I was no longer there, re-addressed it to Esterhazy, SK, stamped it, and sent it on its way again.

Back to Toronto with a Toronto Registration Section b/s Apr. 16/69 and off it goes west. Regina transit b/s Apr. 16/69, registration b/s Melville, SK, Apr.17/69 and delivery cancel (MOON) b/s Esterhazy, SK, Apr. 17/69.

Re-directed approximately a year after I had left Esterhazy to Kimberley, BC, and cancelled with a Esterhazy dispatch cancel on front of cover dated Apr. 17/69. Regina transit b/s Apr. 18/69, Calgary transit b/s Apr. 18/69, Kimberley MOTO b/s Apr. 19/69, and re-directed again to Pine Point, NWT.

Calgary transit b/s Apr. 21/69, Edmonton transit b/s Apr. 22/69 and up to Pine Point where I received it, although it has no receiving markings.

The amazing story about this cover is that in those days the Post Office still gave service and without a fee, forwarded my mail 1.5 years after I had left Falconbridge, and 1 year after I had left Esterhazy, and 6 months after I had left Kimberley. Try that today!

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