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BNA Topics
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Stamp articles
1897 Jubilee - unrecorded $4.00 die proof
Newfoundland 1933 Gilbert Issue line perforations
Canada's conservation stamps
1875 Registered Letter stamp discoveries

Postal history articles
Identifying faked covers
World War II - Hong Kong POW cover
Prince of Wales Royal Visit in 1860 - Part II
Twin Butte district, Alberta
1879 - no rate for postcards to Australia

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BNA Topics

BNA Topics, the official journal of BNAPS, is published quarterly and is provided to BNAPS members as part of their membership. Each issue, which averages 80 pages, is packed with more information, original articles and continuing columns about BNA philately than any other journal.

Stamps, covers, postmarks, postal history, philatelic news, book reviews ... they are all there for your reading enjoyment. Each issue you receive will become an important part of your philatelic library.

Topics Online

In October 2004, BNAPS created the Horace W. Harrison Online Library wherein you will find every issue of BNA Topics in PDF format from the first issue in 1944 up to the most recent. Issues published in the past five to six years are available to BNAPS members only.

Besides the copies of BNA Topics, the Horace W. Harrison Online Library features a search engine that allows you to search for specific articles, subjects, and authors. The Library also includes a set of PDF files containing a compilation of the table of contents of each issue. You can use these files to quickly browse through all the online issues.

Writing for Topics

Would you like to write about your areas of interest? Chances are, if you are interested in writing about what you collect, others will want to read about it. Editorial assistance is available to any BNAPS member who would like to become an author. For further information, contact the BNA Topics editor whose postal and email addresses are given on the Contact Us page.

BNAPS has established an award, the Vincent G. Greene award, for the best article or series of articles published in Topics each year. Here is more information and a list of past winners.

For BNAPS members

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